First Aid For Phones

The Galaxy S5 has launched and we really love it. Have your guys encountered such situations like your phone get watered, battery shortage and scratches on the screen. Here I have some suggestion for you. When Your Phone Get a Shower When you dropped your phone into water by accident, firstly don press any button, [...]

Shaw Communications invests in Rdio, creates strategic content partnership

Shaw Communications, owner of an extensive cable TV and internet network, has made a strategic investment in Rdio’s parent company, Pulser Media, in an effort to bring more streaming music content to its subscribers. Though the investment size has not been revealed, Shaw’s CEO, Brad Shaw said, “Rdio is the best available digital streaming music experience and a great complement to our leading broadband and Shaw Go WiFi services.

Google Play Premium Game Sale has top Android titles at 50% off

Google is doing some spring cleaning in its Play Store, offering no less than 20 of the top selling Android games for up to 50% their regular listing price. The Premium Games Sale contains a wide variety of titles, from casual games like Clash of Puppets to more serious gamer fare like Broken Sword or Shadowrun Returns (shown above). The offer is only for a limited time, so dally at your own risk.

Facebook says current priority for WhatsApp and Instagram is growth, not monetization

Speaking on a conference call yesterday following Facebook’s Q1 2014 earnings report , company CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg laid out a broad monetization plan for its mobile app portfolio. While 59% of Facebook’s $2.27 billion quarterly ad revenue comes from mobile, Zuck stated that the company is not expecting Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp to contribute in the near term. “Our apps are at different stages of maturity,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook sashays into the fitness space with Moves acquisition

Facebook is acquiring its way into the fitness space with a new acquisition announced this morning. Moves , an app for iOS and Android, has been used by thousands of people to track their activity, using background location services and GPS to create an automated outline of your day. Moves is different from other phone-based activity trackers in that it attempts to add context — where you were, and what other things you were doing  while walking, biking or running — and presents it in a feed.