There is more variety in case of custom jerseys

If you compare the regular sports shop with the custom sports shops, then you will realize that there is more variety in case of custom shops. You can also get your warm up gear which includes hooded stadium jackets, wind breakers, convertible jackets, coach’s jacket, etc. If you are a football fan, these custom shops [...]

Facebook now at 609M mobile daily active users, 59% of ad revenue from mobile

When Facebook initially filed its IPO back in 2012, it noted that mobile in general, and its capacity to monetize its mobile products in specific, were considerable risks to the company’s growth. Today Facebook released its Q1 2014 results, demonstrating just how much has changed in two years. Facebook posted a revenue total of $2.5 billion during the quarter, a 72% increase year-over-year

Apple Q2 earnings: $11.62 EPS on $45.6 billion revenue, 43.7 million iPhones sold

Apple reported its Q2 2014 earnings this afternoon, and though the company erred on the conservative side of guidance, it earned record revenue and strong profit numbers. The company earned $11.62 per share on revenue of $45.6 billion, walking away with $10.2 billion in net profit. The numbers, including strong gross margins of 39.3%, were up marginally from the same quarter last year.

HTC One M8 receives minor update, adds Extreme Power Saving Mode and camera enhancements

The HTC One M8 is receiving a minor software update today, adding Extreme Power Saving Mode and a number of enhacements for the Camera and Gallery apps. While citizens in other countries were able to use Extreme Power Saving Mode at launch, Canadians and their US counterparts had to wait on FCC approval for the update, since the device required additional testing to ensure that emergency calls were able to be routed in that low power state

Toronto-based XTouch wins Top App title and scores $1,000 prize

Toronto-based XTouch developed technology that makes it possible for any surface to be touch-sensitive, thus extending its real estate past the limitations of the physical display. We had some hands-on time with XTouch a few weeks ago and co-founder Amin Heidari stated that “Each surface responds differently depending on its physical structure. From the device perspective, these two taps… knocking the small wooden table in front of me in two spots sound completely different, which is how the app knows to respond a certain way.” XTouch is seeing some positive feedback as they’ve claimed the title of Top App from the University of Toronto’s 2014 Mobile App Lab Demo Night, plus scored a $1,000 prize

Viber for iPhone gets a long-awaited design overhaul

Viber, a popular messaging and VoIP service available across nearly every computing platform, has seen its iOS app updated with a brand new look and feel. Version 4.2 introduces a flat, iOS 7-friendly design that comes months after competitors WhatsApp, Kik, BBM and others did the same. Still, for Viber’s 100 million users, many of which are on iOS, this will be a big benefit.